For just over a year we had operated as consultants, working with clients to provide business improvement strategies.

The brand was a conversation piece and our abilities and expertise were beyond question; polar opposites from entirely unrelated industry sectors, our combination of skills and knowledge proved a strong agent for change.

In short-time we became involved in a construction project - working to unravel problems between purchasers and developers when new-build defects arise.

In less than a fortnight we had formulated a radical solution to address this problem - by the following year we had defined the service.

Following extensive research and an 18 month pilot, After Build was launched.

Almost 14 years have passed. Today we are market leaders in 'fixed-price' Property Warranty Management; our client base is composed of Developers, Housing Associations and Contractors in the new-build sector.

What has been the formula for success?
Neither of the founding partners had a construction background, (Probert was Food and Drink while Hicklin came from Media) but both asked the questions 'others' had avoided! This got them quickly to a solution to a 50 year old problem that was costing the Developer too much, while creating frustration and anger for the purchaser.

Growth was vertical in the early years but the effects of the world economic downturn sent the housing industry

into rapid decline. As businesses closed, After Build innovated and, over the next several years a single offering expanded into a range of integrated services.

Today the group of businesses sit under the After Build umbrella which in turn is 95% owned by parent company Tangerine Anvil Limited.



After Build continues to evolve, offering solutions to warranty issues in the new-build sector.


The unique thread running through all serviecs is a 'fixed-price' irrespective of activity enabling the client to budget accurately from the outset.


  • Defect Management
  • Snag Inspection Survey
  • Purchaser Demonstration and Handover
  • Home Owner Manual
  • Key Handover
  • Customer Care
  • Consultation


Built on Microsoft Dynamics this unique SQL based platform is available on licence to Developers looking for a robust Defect Management system.

Working with insolvency practitioners and administrators to provide warranty management of part completed new-build when a Developer's business enters administration.

A tailored customer service for high net-worth purchasers providing dedicated resource and personalised support.

A comprehensive site to support all new-home owners in theearly stages of occupation.

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